Recorded video series 

I'm on a mission to keep you strong, fit and flexible wherever you are based. To make sure that everyone can access Pilates sessions in the comfort of their own home I have designed and recorded video packages. 

All you need to do is find a space where you feel comfortable to roll out your mat and click on a private link that will access your package. You can watch them anywhere and anytime on your smartphone or computer.

The packages contain different videos and have a different length, focus and are all based on the six principles of Pilates - control, precision, centring, concentration, breath and flow. 

I offer three different packages:

  1. 'Pilates at home'
  2. 'Pilates on the mat'
  3. 'Piloga'

The At home package contains 4 pre recorded videos:

- Strength, balance and stretch 
- Straight to the core 
- Glute Salute
- Wake up the spine
Price: £40

    The On the mat package contains 6 pre recorded videos:

    - Morning rise
    - Desk break
    - Lunchbreak
    - Energiser
    - Legs and arms
    - Wind down
    Price: £60

    To purchase the 'At home' or 'On the mat' package

    1. Pay for your package via:
    2. Once you've paid, please send an email to [email protected] to let me know.
    3. You will receive a unique weblink and password that will give you lifelong access to the videos. You can do the sessions whenever and wherever works best for you.



    Piloga is a creation between Dionne and Tamzen. After years of practising and teaching our own disciplines we saw an opportunity to bring the benefits of both worlds together - Piloga was born. It brings the best of pilates and yoga to you and your mat based on the Elements of nature. This blended approach builds bodily strength, calms the breath and gives the mind a much needed break from our busy lives.

    The package includes 5 x 1hr classes consisting of 30 minutes pilates and 30 minutes yoga infused together. Dionne and Tamzen will guide you through the exercises to make you feel more balanced, healthier and happier.

    The Piloga package contains 5 pre recorded videos:

    - Earth 
    - Water 
    - Fire
    - Air
    - Space
    Price: £70

    To purchase the Piloga package:

    1. Pay for your Piloga package via Tam Tam Yoga’s shop:
    2. You will get a receipt from [email protected] and receive a unique weblink and password.
    3. Once you have purchased the Piloga package you will have unlimited access to all of the videos to do whenever and wherever you like.
    4. If you have any question or would like more information please email [email protected]