"I'm really pleased I signed up for Dionne’s prenatal Pilates class! Sometimes during the day my lower back and groin muscles became tense, and then after the class I felt really relaxed and the pain was gone. The lessons are varied and Dionne really takes into account each individual's needs. Would definitely recommend to all mothers-to-be!" Joelle

"Dionne is incredible. Pushes and challenges you but makes sure to explain everything clearly. With it being online currently, she makes sure to show you step by step but then also watch the screen to make sure people are engaging correctly with it. Really brilliant sessions." Lidia

"The bi-weekly pilates classes are always a moment to look forward to, as they combine an intense sculpting workout, as well as relaxing stretching units. Dionne offers variations for each exercise, making it suitable for beginners and more advanced people. She takes us through each class with her positive energy and soothing voice, creating a very pleasant environment. Rather than feeling exhausted, one leaves the session energised and de-stressed. As a regular participant I feel an improvement in my flexibility, muscle tone and my mood!" Alexa

"I have been taking Pilates classes for a couple of months now and can noticeably feel the difference. I've had issues with my lower back for a while and the classes helped on building physical strength and generally feeling stronger. Dionne is an excellent teacher - patient and her instructions are always really clear. She knows when to challenge you and is always very supportive." Amelie
"I look forward to Blue Pilates class every week, because I know Dionne's going to work my body and my mind - really teaching to be intentional with time and to stop and be present. Dionne is super patient and explains the sets really clearly, talking us through which muscles are engaged and relaxed for each pose to make sure we don't injure ourselves. She accommodates all levels of ability within that too so everyone is included. The breathing at the end is the best!" Cat

"I would highly recommend Dionne's classes; always challenging, and always provided in such a creative and thoughtful way! She gives them with such a  friendly and warm smile whilst giving each of us individual encouragement to keep us heading in the right direction. We all need a good challenge and workout, and Dionne certainly provides that with plenty of Pilates dollops! She varies the sessions often so that different sets of muscles, flexibility and balance are worked to their limit. I always come away feeling exhilarated and buzzing and ready to take on the world. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks Dionne for keeping my body in tip top condition!" Chris

''Dionne is a great instructor and has always been patient with me, as a newbie to Pilates helping me learn the principles and foundations of Pilates. Her enthusiasm, positivity and teaching style, which is tailored to my needs, is what motivates me to keep moving forward with Pilates. After every session with Dionne, I feel mentally alert and productive throughout the day. Each session leaves me feeling more connected to my body and self. So far, I have learnt so much from my sessions with Dionne and I look forward to developing myself further with her. She is so fun to work with!'' Gamze 

''I have been doing Pilates with Dionne for over a year now and it is always so much fun. It has been such a positive experience, with different exercises every week. I really feel like Dionne personally tailors every session to my needs, and I can feel my body growing stronger.'' Frances 

''As a late convert to Pilates I cannot recommend Dionne highly enough.  She is a patient  teacher and  guide, combining an understanding of individual ability and constraints with a very thorough approach. Her style is very motivating and her sessions are great fun. I have benefited hugely from working with her and wish I had started earlier!'' Fiona 

“I attended Dionne’s Pilates class in Chiswick for a few months while on maternity leave and I miss them terribly. I really needed to kickstart my fitness and Dionne knew instinctively what type of exercises and movements would be beneficial for me. No class was ever the same. I always felt energised and fully worked out after each class. Dionne has a very caring, friendly manner and gives very clear and easy to follow instructions. She is clearly in a league of her own!'' Samantha 

''I have been attending Pilates classes with Dionne for a couple of years now.  She is a great Pilates teacher, she explains moves so that you are aware of each new move and what it is doing for you.  I really enjoy her classes - she is a very kind person, always happy and nice to be around.  I have no hesitation in recommending Dionne.'' Pat 

"I have learnt so much from my sessions with Dionne and genuinely feel I have a foundation to progress with Pilates for life. I was recommended Pilates by my doctor for a chronic back condition and booked a series of one-to-one sessions in my own home. Dionne tailors each session to my needs and I can see a noticeable difference in my breathing and posture already. Dionne makes each session fun and the structure builds across the weeks. I feel I have achieved such a lot in a short space of time. Dionne is a fabulous teacher and I can't praise her enough!'' Sylvie 

"Dionne has taught me Pilates over the last three years. She is a wonderful and inspiring teacher; patient, enthusiastic and positive. She has been very good at pushing me forward at the right speed, and in a positive and interesting way.  I always feel great after one of her classes and my back problems are now history!'' Sarah 

"I first went to see Dionne to help treat recurring back problems and to improve my posture. I'd never done Pilates before but that didn't matter. Dionne clearly explains everything as we go and always shows alternatives that can make the exercise easier or more difficult. The sessions are always challenging but always fun and we laugh a lot. No session is ever the same and they're always tailored to whatever I need. I would highly recommend her to people of all levels.'' Peter 

''I've been going to Dionne's classes at The Crypt since they started and have rarely missed a class. Dionne's teaching style is gentle but thorough. She is passionate about Pilates and her students. I haven't found a better Pilates teacher in London.'' Dani 

"Dionne has been my Pilates teacher for over a year now. She is superb at tailoring exercises to different needs and abilities, making them both challenging and fun. Her graceful, calm and encouraging approach makes her lessons a total pleasure.'' Angela 

''Dionne has been my clinical pilates instructor for over six months now. I do Pilates once a week with her, and wish I could do more! The mobility in my spine has significantly improved, as has my overall fitness, posture and weight loss. Dionne has a direct approach and a caring disposition, which enables her to give clear instructions and vary her sessions to meet the needs of her clients. Five stars out of five from me!'' Carlene 

''I have found Dionne to be an excellent Pilates teacher. She gives clear instructions and demonstrations where necessary. Her frequent reminders about core Pilates techniques are very welcome.'' Celia 

''Having recently joined Dionne's West London Pilates group class, I want to confirm that I really love her teaching and the way she conducts her sessions. I love the clarity of her instructions and the way she models how to do the positions accurately. I find her insistence on our active breathing and holding various muscles in the different positions very helpful. Dionne's sessions are very useful and help me manage quite significant lower back problems which have bothered me for quite a while. I like her insistence on stretching us and equally her willingness to shape the session process in consultation with how we feel at the moment of intervention.'' Michaela 

''Dionne has been working with me for five months. During this period, she has shown great professionalism. Her patience is infinite and her encouragement during the lesson is second to none. I would highly recommend Dionne.'' Silvia 

''I started seeing Dionne following the diagnosis of a protruding disc in my lower back. Dionne tailors our sessions according to how my back is feeling on any given day, while pushing me and taking me out of my “comfort-zone”. Dionne is patient, adaptable, has a great sense of humour and works in partnership with my Physio to ensure that they complement each other. As a result of the sessions I now have greater flexibility in my back and feel much better. There’s no quick fix for my diagnosis but really notice if I miss a week and look forward to our sessions.'' Kati 

"I attend Dionne's Pilates class and much appreciate her tuition which is clearly demonstrated. She is very professional in her approach as well as sympathetic to our individual needs and abilities. An enjoyable class." Angela